Thursday, 2 June 2016

Holiday sketches - North Devon

Still fresh from my scanner - holiday sketches from my long weekend in North Devon. Also visiting Stonehenge on the way there.
Really inspiring views and places. I could leave there and never run out of things to do and draw.

I've managed to capture quite a few lovely scenes, whenever we made a longer break. I loved sitting in the sun and just getting lost in drawing or painting.

I was happy to see a green spot available despite the tourists where I could sit and quickly draw one of this world wonders. I've used Faber Castell pens in different shades of grey, concentrating on tones shadows. Very simple but I like it this way. 

First quick sketch in Lynton - amazing evening view and perfect spot (with a bench!) on the local cemetery.

Sketching in Lynmouth. Fascinated by the row of houses under the hill, I've decided to add just a bit of colour. I might develop it into full size painting, I like this view so much.

Two quick black and white sketches, concentrating on shading (first one - still not being brave enough) and shapes (second one).

Sketch from really pretty village Clovelly. I've decided on light sketch and light wash. i am still learning not to cover the whole picture in paint, although it's very tempting!

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Holiday sketches

View from my granny's balcony on the playground where I spent most of my childhood.

Another view: Town hall and church tower. Quick sketch without under drawing. Messed up trees a little but still like the lose effect.

 Glass bowl with sweets.

 And bit older sketch of my boyfriend's hat. Practicing cross hatching. (paper bit dirty)

Monday, 28 March 2016

Outdoor sketching: Blockley

I've spent last Friday in lovely village - Blockley. I took my paints with me and after a little walk I've found this sunny spot at the local Cemetery. I absolutely love English cemeteries but it was the first time I get a chance to paint one. I also liked the old building and shadows created by afternoon sun. I think I could do parts bit darker but I am quite pleased with it anyway.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Art Tutor Course

No sketches this week as sickness put me to bed and I had no energy to do anything...

Instead I want to share these little paintings I mentioned in previous post. I have recently finished an online art course from Art Tutor:

I really enjoyed the exercises, practicing step by step different subjects of the landscape painting. I was making them with notes to myself in order to remember all I've learnt and to be able to come back to it.

I think it is quite a nice collection. (I post them in order of the lessons).


Distant hills

Stone mountain and trees



Sandy beach


Waterfall, waves and beach scene

 Textures: pebbled wall, wood, bricks and window reflection and rusty hinge 


Figures and objects 

Simple landscape

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Bedroom sketches

This week only two sketches. Both from my bedroom. There is a third one but not very successful so I won't share it here.

This week I've been busy practicing watercolours with Ar Tutor course. Lots of short videos about different subject. I was very strict with myself painting together with the tutor (Rob Dudley) and making little notes to myself. Today I've finished nearly the last chapter and really enjoyed these little exercises. I will upload the result here as soon as I scan all of it.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

My home office/studio

This week few sketches from my home office/ studio. I am so lucky to have my own space to work and paint. I have also got a separate big desk dedicated only to painting.  Even my cat has learnt to respect all the stuff lying around and not to step or knock down anything. He also has an addiction to drinking dirty paint brush water...

Saturday, 20 February 2016

In the kitchen

Only three sketches this week and rather quick ones.
Still trying get better with cross hatching. I have recently bought a very inspiring book 'Sketch' by France Belleville - Van Stone.

I have finished reading it this week and I will go back to it many times. This lady is my master of cross hatching and amazing sketcher. The book is really inspiring, full of beautiful illustrations but also very honest. I highly recommend it!

I have also finally bought a scanner! After a long research I've decided on Epson V600 and although only started with it, I am very impressed by the quality of scans, especially with my watercolour paintings on rough paper (will post some soon). This scanner uses something called CCD technology, which means it does not detect the texture of the paper so I don't get all these horrible shadows and grey spots which are impossible to remove without using the quality of the painting. Although it is only A4 scan, I am able to half scan my A3 watercolours and then magically photoshop glues them together for me! Really pleased.